Mass deportations raids scheduled in US for Sunday


The Trump administration has announced it will conduct mass deportation this Sunday of close to 2000 illegal immigrants with court orders to leave the country but haven’t left. The deportation raids are scheduled for this Sunday; across US states like Washington, New York Etc. Usually when deportations like this are scheduled they’re not announced so this will beg the question of why announce if they plan to have a successful raid.

Sources familiar with the Allo Post have said several cities plan not to comply with the federal government in the deportation process. The democrat mayor of Louisiana has said on CNN that her states was not informed or asked permission by the federal government and that they don’t need the federal governments help as her city is a vibrant city made up of Immigrants.

Sources tell us the Trump administration scheduled Sunday deportation has strikes fear across several immigrant cities, The Allo Post found some immigrants are taking shelter in churches and it’s something familiar with the community and church members. President Trump earlier announced that ICE was planning deportation raids of whooping millions of illegal immigrants across the US!

A decision he later put on hold about weeks ago, asking or giving a loop hole for US democrats and republicans to fix the immigration laws. The democrat Governor of New York has said on twitter that the Trump administration has turned the government agency ICE into a political tool and his state plans to fight the deportation raids. The Governor of Washington has also blasted the US deportation raids as politically motivated.

Immigration still remains a major problem in the US as the democrats gear up to battle for the white. All democratic presidential candidates few weeks ago on a live NBC democratic presidential debate were asked if they will support Medicare for all illegal immigrants and they all raised their hands in support. Most  democrat and donors are worried that moving the democratic party far left will end up re-electing President Trump to office in 2020.

This Earlier today the US vice president Mike Pence with several republican senators like Lindsay Graham visited the immigration centers at the US southern boarders, where the illegal immigrants from the southern boarder are held even as the Trump administration’s mass illegal immigrant deportation raids is being scheduled for this Sunday across several US states. All democrat senators turn down upon receiving invitations to tag along for the visit. Most of these immigrants complained they’re not being treated like humans as they spent days without bath, tooth brush and are overcrowded in holdings going for long hours without food. The US vice president Pence spoke to some of the children in the center who told him they were being treated well. Earlier this week president Trump said if the illegal immigrants were not happy with how they’re being treated they shouldn’t come.


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