Things to do to Motivate Employees in the New Year


The origin of the New Year’s resolution is associated with ancient Babylon. They made promises to their gods, such as debt repayments and loan repayments, to win their hearts and start a new year, motivated by surprising goals. As a small business owner, the tradition of resolutions for the New Year continues. Clean the board for next year and work to motivate your employees to have fun and succeed at work.

The New Year is a time to think and set goals for both you and your company. However, if you think of ways to increase revenue find new perspectives and identify hiring needs, consider a strategy to promote one of your most important resources available: your current employees. Benefit and importance of workplace ethics?

A study by the Kenan-Flagler Business School of the University of North Carolina found that companies with above-average employee participation recorded a 2.3-fold increase in sales over a three-year period than companies with participation Average of employees. Importance of good communication at workplace?

“If the first thing you think about every day is not the well-being of people in the trenches, then think about the well-being of your company,” said Paul Hirsch, one of the owners of Studio1337. A web design studio, which he co-founded in 2004.

While large companies often rely on large increases and benefits to motivate their teams, successful entrepreneurs discover that some of the best ways to motivate and engage employees are based on the flexibility and personal commitment of small businesses. With these five strategies, you can motivate your employees, regardless of your budget for next year.

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How to make your employees happy for the New Year; Share ownership in decisions:

Instead of telling your staff what you want to do and how to do it, you are responsible for the decision-making process. Organize a meeting where you share ideas and ask employees for opinions. For example: “I thought about how we should deal with the short-term orders of our weekly customers, we welcome business, but this request causes additional stress and works for all of us, what do you think about applying additional costs?” By allowing employees to participate in important decisions, they develop a sense of purpose and control and gain motivation.

Have a motivational meeting

At the end of each week, organize a brief meeting with colleagues to share your “roses” and “thorns.” “Rose” is a positive experience for employees during the week that can serve to motivate others. “Duri” is a trap found by an employee and can provide incentives to other employees for the solution. Also use this time to congratulate employees who have completed the tasks or who have achieved extraordinary results. The staff will wait for a meeting. They will also appreciate the opportunity to share the results and challenges with you and your staff and experience a supportive atmosphere.

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Best ways to motivate your team for the New Year; Celebrate often:

Try to celebrate as often as possible, from birthday parties to happy hour parties. If you are worried about spending too much, share the responsibilities with your employees. For example, collect a collection every month at the cost of a birthday cake and drinks. Celebrate employees born that month once and for all. Buy a round of snacks for happy hour. Do not be afraid to offer a happy hour without alcohol. Taking time to socialize and relax can be useful for your employees, motivating them to keep coming back.

Ways to motivate your staff at the start of the New Year; Have fun:

Think about how to have fun at work. Employees stay motivated when they keep things interesting and fun. For example, organize specific contests every month to encourage employees to concentrate and work harder. Offer winners a selection of fun prizes, such as tickets to a local entertainment center or a spa gift voucher.

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Invite random employees to lunch every week. Discuss your results and offer your help or guidance. Office breakfast once a month. If you have a small break room, connect an electric pot and cook a pancake or tortilla. The staffs hope to start working soon to share a homemade breakfast with you. You will also appreciate your efforts.

How to motivate your workforce in the New Year; Take a survey:

Create online surveys every month that give employees the opportunity to contribute. Take surveys on simple topics, such as: the type of food you should prepare for breakfast. Or create a survey that asks employees to choose from a list of options that they believe can improve their work environment or help them achieve their goals. Possibilities include paid training opportunities, office factories, additional photocopiers, new wall paintings, vending machines or tutors assigned to employees in new positions. Evaluate surveys and the most popular tips.

Communicate in private

The HBR study found that companies with highly engaged employees rely on communication and transparency. In smaller companies, you are more likely to have the opportunity not only to discuss performance and work objectives with your employees, but also to keep updated on a personal level. How to make workplace a happy place?